Stories from Deflowered

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Sexual Healing by Suzanne Wright
Dear Mark by Kirstin Q. Eggers

I'd Have Rather Seen Led Zeppelin by Beatrice M. Hogg

Thirty Seconds by Lily Rose

The Adonis and the Ice Cream Man by Ali Moran

You've Got Another Thing Coming by Jacqueline Shaeffer

High by Serena Abel

First by Jennifer Ambrose

The Nair Truth by Sara Freeman

A Hot Tub and a Sexy Jesus by Jennifer Clark

The Pajama Party by Renee R.

The Strawberry Jam Session by Carrie

How to Lose Your Lesbian Virginity in Twenty-One Easy Steps by Nina Ki

Third Time's a Shark Attack by Heather Leigh

You've Gotta be Kidding Me! by Kimberly Taylor

A Sorta Fairytale by Grace Hiatt

Labatt Blue by Julie Sunday

Bisquick and Chinese Food by Elizabeth McKenna

Kampai! by Persephone

Just Like That by Nicole Guice

Drill Down by Rachel Keown

The Bleeding Heart by Elyse Smith

You Might be a Lesbian by Yessenia Perez

The Rock of Love Made Me Do It by Frankie Morrison

Lightning, Hooters, and a Mix Tape by Lindsay Taylor Dellinger

Mommy Dearest and the KY Jelly by Kasey Coder

A Hot Tub and a Sexy Jesus by Jennifer Clark

You Can't Lose Something You Never Had by M.J. Yeates

A Car, A Scar, and a Cherry on Top by Diane Micheil

Anticlimactic by Grace Cooper

First is the Worst by Lucy Rae