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Deflowered is many things.  First and foremost, it is a website that collects stories about the earliest sexual experiences of their female writers; the accounts included are typically written from a decidedly pop culture perspective and with a tongue in cheek sensibility.  They are the virginity lost stories of former cheerleaders, band geeks, metal chicks and more. Focusing on the awkwardness and uncertainty of those first time situations, these stories are fun to read; and because we all go through the experience, they are relatable.

In October, 2009, Deflowered: Live and Rated R debuted in Los Angeles, CA, at The M Bar and Restaurant to a near capacity crowd.  The show featured six stories originally published on the site and adapted for performance as monologues and scenes, which were brought to life by local actresses and juxtaposed with live music related to the stories.  More shows are in the works. 

Ultimately, Deflowered is a work in progress that seeks to offer subtle commentary on the female experience of
virginity in a culture where "saving" yourself for marriage is no longer the norm but the stigma of "losing it" has not been completely shed. While there is no professional analysis and no attempt to make a formal political or cultural comment on the topic, the narratives and the show address the subject naturally as they recount the varied hopes and expectations the writers had regarding their virginity as well as their feelings after it's loss. In presenting these shocking, funny, and sometimes sad first hand accounts, Deflowered personalizes the female experience in a way that other examinations of the topic have not.  In doing so, Deflowered subverts the notion that something is always "lost" when a girl makes the initial jump from virgin to vixen.